List of products by brand Datalogic

In 1972, Romano Volta founded a company to produce photoelectric sensors for automation. In the late 1960s, the company was one of the first to develop barcode scanning devices. Datalogic has become a well-known and major manufacturer of data acquisition equipment in Europe. The excellent performance and outstanding product design quickly convinced customers in industry, manufacturing and commerce to choose this brand. Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Datalogic currently employs more than 3,200 people in thirty countries. With subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and more than 15,000 partners and distributors worldwide, Datalogic has an international presence and supplies its products to leading companies in all industries. "Datalogic solutions help improve process efficiency and quality in the retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare industries across the value chain. "Datalogic boasts the most comprehensive family of hands-free scanners on the market - from simple touch scanners for retail to ultra-reliable, high-performance imaging scanners for logistics and industrial applications, as well as portable and rugged terminals.

Whatever your requirements, our Datalogic range offers a professional solution for efficient workflows in any industry.

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