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1.1.The copyright © on the pages of the online shop "barcodes24.eu" means that the copyright applies to all pages. This applies to graphics, texts and all other content. According to international copyright law, all copyrights are protected regardless of whether there is a copyright notice.

2.Order from

2.1.To order an item, please click on the ADD TO CART button next to the item you are viewing. Then click on the BACK button to access your ordered goods. If you are a new buyer, you will be asked to enter your details. Our super-fast registration page is easy and time-saving to complete. Then proceed to the payment pages.

3.Product prices, payment procedures and terms

3.1. All prices are quoted in euros. The Seller shall not be liable for the exchange rate or any changes thereto made by the Buyer's local bank at the time of the exchange of the euro into the Buyer's local currency.

3.2. Payments are managed through paysera.com. Paysera.com processes a wide variety of business payments every day by means of a bank transfer to SWEDBANK's corporate account and does so securely and quickly.

3.3. If the order is not paid within 4 hours, the order is cancelled.

4.Delivery methods and deadlines

4.1.All goods will be delivered by Venipak system couriers to the delivery address specified by the Buyer.

4.2.Delivery time is the next working day after dispatch. The Buyer will receive an order confirmation in his/her e-mail. The goods shall be delivered on all working days from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), delivery time - from 08.00 to 17.00. If the delivery to the address specified by the Buyer is unsuccessful, the parcel will be returned to the Seller's Logistics Centre (the Seller will not refund the delivery charges).

4.3. The Buyer understands and agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of the goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Seller. In such event, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer immediately and to coordinate with the Buyer the delivery of the goods.

4.in all cases, the Seller shall be exempt from liability for any breach of the recommended delivery times, as well as for non-delivery or untimely delivery of the goods to the Buyer due to the Buyer's fault or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Buyer.

4.5.At the time of delivery of the goods, the Buyer shall inspect the condition of the consignment with the Seller or his authorised representative. The handing over and acceptance document shall confirm that the consignment has been handed over in good condition.

4.6.Where the Buyer, on the basis of these Conditions, withdraws from the contract of sale (provided that the goods are not defective and have not been damaged in transit), the Buyer shall be liable for all direct costs of returning the goods to the Seller. The amount of such costs incurred by the Seller shall be deducted from the money paid by the Buyer for the product(s) to be returned. If the amount deducted does not cover the Seller's claim in full, i.e. if the Seller's costs of returning the goods exceed the value of the item(s) to be returned, the Buyer undertakes to pay the Seller the remaining amount within 14 days.

5.Guarantee of the quality of the Goods

5.1.Each item sold by barcodes24.eu shall be accompanied by a description of the item, indicating the characteristics of that item

5.2.The Buyer understands that the colour, shape or other parameters of the goods in the online shop may not correspond exactly to the actual size, shape and colour of the goods due to the characteristics of the computer display used by the Buyer, and the Seller shall not be held liable for any discrepancies.

6.Return and exchange of goods

6.1.The Buyer shall receive a full refund of the price paid for the unused goods returned within 14 days of payment. The money for the goods shall be refunded to the Buyer's account within 7 - 14 days from the time the returned goods reach the Seller. Buyers are not liable for return shipping costs only if/when the product is defective. Please return the product in its original packaging. The product must be:

6.1.1.not damaged by the buyer;

6.1.2. in good condition (no smudges, damaged labels, other markings, etc.);

6.1.3.the returned Goods must be in the same condition as when received by the Buyer.

6.2.The Seller shall have the right not to accept the Buyer's returned goods if the Buyer fails to comply with the return procedure set out in this Article.

6.3.The Buyer may deliver the returned goods himself to the address indicated in the contact details.

6.4.In the event that the goods are returned without reason and without defects, if the Buyer has exercised the Buyer's right to withdraw from the contract of sale and purchase within 14 working days of the delivery of the goods or of the placing of the order, the Buyer shall be liable for the costs of returning the goods.

6.5.The right to withdraw from a distance contract without giving a reason within 14 (fourteen) days does not apply to legal persons (entrepreneurs).

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